Smyrna type Fig Ficus Carica

There are two basic kinds of figs —
Caprifigs and edible figs.
Caprifigs are male figs which produce pollen and are not good to eat. There are three important classes of edible figs:
1. caducous — Smyrna figs: Need to be pollinated to mature fruit. Without pollination the fruit will drop before it matures. Smyrna figs must be grown in the presence of Caprifigs and pollinating insects to bear fruit. 2. intermediate — San Pedro figs: Do not need to be pollinated to set a breba (first) crop but do need pollination to set the main crop.
3. persistent — Common figs: Do not need to be pollinated to bear fruit. This is what is referred to as the common garden fig and the subject of this article.

Smyrna type Fig  Ficus Carica L.
  1. Bidhi, Smyrna , fruit Yellow green
  2. Boukhobza, Smyrna
  3. Bouharrag , Smyrna 
  4. Croussi CRS Smyrna type
  5. Faouari, Smyra,
  6. Ghabri, Smyrna,  fruit colour Reddish green
  7. Goutti Smyrna,  fruit colour Purple yellow green
  8. Hemri, Smyrna 
  9. Jemaâoui JMA Smyrna type
  10. Kahli, Smyrna fruit colour Reddish black
  11. Khedri, Smyrna,  fruit colour Yellow green
  12. Khartoumi, Smyrna, fruit colour Yellow green
  13. Magouli MAG Smyrna type
  14. Minouri MNR Smyrna type
  15. Ragoubi RGB Smyrna type
  16. Romani ROM Smyrna type
  17. Soltani, Smyrna, fruitcolour Yellow green
  18. Tayouri Asfar, TAS, Smyrna type
  19. Tayouri Ahmar TAH Smyrna type
  20. Temri, Smyrna,
  21. Thgagli, Smyrna,  fruit colour Yellow green
  22. Wedlani WDL Smyrna type
  23. Zergui, Smyrna
  24. Zidi, ZID, Smyrna type, fruit colour Purple black

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